Right Way Industrial Malaysia

Founded in Shan Alam, 1989, our experience and expertise in the manufacturing of pistons have a long history that traces back to Right Way’s beginning in Taiwan. Today, Right Way Industrial (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. or TRIM, our logo and Trademark is the premier producer of quality pistons for motorcycles, automobiles, commercial vehicles, farming and industrial engines, outboard marine engines, etc.

TRIM’s history started in Taiwan when Right Way Industrial Co Ltd, was established there in 1964. At the beginning, TRIM had merely a 36-member workforce. Today, as a result of our rapid expansion and our evolution into a multi-national concern, we are a presence to be reckoned within the automotive-related industry worldwide.

From our very inception, we rapidly built a proud reputation of manufacturing high quality pistons, aluminum parts, connecting rods and steering linkage products. This proud reputation and uncompromising tradition of excellence has been brought to TRIM in Malaysia with great success.





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