Precision Machining

  • State of the art CNC Lathes & CNC Machine Centers
  • High capacity; operated by highly trained technicians
  • Multi-functional Index Machine and CNC Lathes with superb productivity and high precision to meet the specifications stated in the drawing.


Surface Treatments
  • Available treatments include: ED coating, Hard chrome plating, Black anodizing, Powder coat and gloss.
  • Piston surface treatments include:
Skirt Coating
Tin Plating



NDT Inspections
  • Blanks are tested in various ways to validate mold design and manufacturing process
  • Testing runs according the manufacturing method and material:

Aluminum Forging 

Fluorescent liquid penetrant
testing for crack detection
and grain flow anomalies

Aluminum Casting 

X-ray analysis for internal
porosity and structural

Steel Forging 

Magnetic particle inspection
for grain flow dynamics