Collaborative Development

With RW’s long time experience in product development and manufacturing, we are able to join new product design and development with our customers in early stage. In this way, many design issues can be resolved to avoid possible development and production problems. We use extensive FEA analysis to help evaluating designs such as converting a part form casting to forging or vice versa to reduce weight and cost.


Case Study

Steel Structure to Aluminum Forging



Aluminum Casting to Aluminum Forging
  • Original OEM design require light weight with excellent surface quality
  • Al Casting + Machining + Polishing + Powder Coating + Painting
  • Surface quality defects were high due to casting problems
  • Right Way successfully redesigned the part from Al Casting to Al Forging
  • Not only was the surface defect rate significantly reduced; overall weight was reduced by 7% and tensile strength saw a 20% increase

Casting 1.916kg

A356 T6 

Material Tensile Strength 284Mpa


Forging 1.782kg

6061 T6

Material Tensile Strength 310Mpa